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Family Care funeral plan from only R10pm for the whole family. Our group scheme benefits, umbrella fund and society underwriting are the most cost effective solutions for funeral cover in SA.
Family Care Advisors, a  licensed financial services provider, is committed  to providing your company with a cost effective group scheme funeral cover. FCA provides your company with a solution to the burden placed on employers when a staff member or one of his family passes away. With support of our underwriters we will provide you with a tailor made solution to suit your companies requirements.


FarmWorkersDoes your staff borrow money from you when a family member dies?
Do you pay money out to family members of your employee when he/she passes away?

Is this becoming a burden to your company?


No waiting period for HIV/AIDS related deaths. Join today and you can claim tomorrow (provided your first premium has been paid)

Fast Claim settlements. WE PAY THE SAME DAY: Provide us with a death certificate, copy of ID and latest pay slip & we will pay you the claim the same day (guaranteed provided you have supplied the required documentation)

Covers Husband, Spouse (traditional Wife), unlimited children (up to 25 if students)

Disabled children remain covered irrespective of their age

Simple, easy package for clients to understand .Joining requires a one page application, names and surnames of your staff and one signature from you the employer.

Remove or place on new staff as and when you wish.

Tax deductible for you as employer if you pay for your staff members. Alternatively have your employees contribute by means of your payroll office.

Assist benefits, emergency transport and burial repatriation optional extra.

The scheme may be linked to a provident fund if requested.

Claim can be paid out to you first, to recover any money already paid out, and then pay the balance to your staff.

Emergency transport is now provided to all members and repatriation.

As sombre as it sounds, your own funeral is very rarely considered. The thought is brushed away with the misconception that there will be enough money in the estate to cover the cost. The problem is that access to funds is temporarily suspended until such time as the estate is wound up. That means loved ones end up paying the costs upfront and still have to find money to live monthly while the estate is being wound up.
We have a range of individual Life & Funeral plans to suit your own needs. From R 1000 over to R 20 million cover. With instant pay out for your family.

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